Red Bull X-Alps: Words

Turn Point: Insight at Red Bull X-Alps has been positively received as much for its words as its imagery.  Stephan Haase and I are gratified by this.  It was a gamble to try and express the inner workings of an athlete’s mind during such an event.  The transcript has been […]


Panasonic GH3 Test #4: Timelapse

I have said it before, the 5D MarkIII simply has far better still image quality than the Panasonic GH3.  It follows then, that time-lapses are superior from the 5D MarkIII.  I have found this to be true.  The one caveat with the 5D is flicker.  For the uninitiated, viewing your […]

    A good friend of my brother’s, Peter Gregg, made an impromptu visit to Innsbruck after seeing some of my posts from this winter.  While he was in London, he quit his job, shipped his ski gear from Santa Cruz, and came for a taste of skiing in Tirol. […]

My buddy, Dave McCahill, and I had all but given up on winter.  February delivered what was the best three week period of skiing either of us had had in our entire lives.  Given my 42 years, compared to his 26, it says more coming from me, but I digress. […]

Like Serles, I have stared into the north chutes of Nockspitze for nearly three years.  Conditions in February 2013 were such that I was all of a sudden able to ski it 3 times in 3 different ways in one week.  In that time, I realized that there was much […]

February 2013 delivered a magical combination of deep powder and stable snowpack conditions.  After nearly three years of staring at this obvious line off of the east shoulder of Serles, the High Altar of Tirol, I was not only able to ski it, but ski it in epic conditions.  My […]